How A Property Manager Can Save You Money

An income property is a great long-term investment, but it truly can be a hard thing to manage on your own! There are many reasons why it is preferable to choose a property management company in Draper or your area to manage the rental for you, including the fact that a property manager is actually […]

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Residential Real Estate Investment Value – How is it Calculated?

The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics measures the Rent of primary residence (rent) and Owners’ equivalent rent of primary residence (rental equivalence). They make this distinction because a house has both a consumptive purpose and an investment purpose. The consumptive value is measured by rent or rental equivalence. There is legitimate […]


The Luxury of La Jolla Real Estate

Crowned by locals as the jewel of San Diego La Jolla real estate is admired as the pinnacle of luxurious coastal living. Just north of San Diego and less than two miles south of Los Angeles the La Jolla real estate offerings are reclusive, high-end, and fantastic. What makes this area so desirable? It’s a […]